Happy Learning Nursery is an advanced, all-day multi-cultural childcare facility. We provide a holistic, fresh approach to childcare, where high quality education and ensuring your kids are happy, engaged, inspired, safe, healthy and satisfied whilst being encouraged to interact and discover, are at the heart of the nursery.

We believe that when learning is fun – kids excel, and when kids do well, they become happy and confident members of the community as they grow and reach school age.

It is our mission to provide a nurturing environment with highly qualified and experienced staff who are 110% committed to giving your child the very best start in life, and to giving you the luxury of total peace of mind.


Our aim is to continue to improve our happy, safe and stimulating learning environment where your child is supported during play and education, where he/she is welcomed, valued, respected and encouraged to reach his/her individual potential socially, emotionally, physically and academically. The sky is the limit.


  • Educational Excellence
  • Fun & Laughter
  • Quality Healthcare (onsite)
  • 24/7 Safety & Security
  • Cultural Inclusivity
  • Social Interaction
  • Technology (its role in child development)
  • Trust & Transparency
  • Relationships (with parents, kids, teachers, nurses and doctors)