Rachwan El Zaher

Happy Learning Nursery is a warm, happy and nourishing place for little ones to spend their most crucial formative years. The location has been carefully chosen and designed to provide children with enriching experiences in a nurturing and loving environment.


Passionate about children and their health and education


Happy Learning Nursery believes that the years before the age of five are crucial to a child’s healthy development, as it is during these tender, impressionable years that the character is formed. Therefore, when choosing a nursery, parents need to be confident that those, to whom they entrust this responsibility, are qualified, dedicated and capable of meeting the individual needs of their child. The environment must be safe, happy and stimulating, giving every child the encouragement to develop to his or her potential.

Mother of two, Rachwan has vast experience in the health care field during the time between Dubai & Abu Dhabi has a relationship Manager for more than 8 years experience working for an educational institution in Lebanon as a teacher. Rachwan is passionate about children and their health and education.

Rachwan holds a Bachelors of Healthcare Administration degree. She is qualified in HR Management and Quality Management and is also certified in Medical Root Diagnosis.

Rachwan El Zaher